There are many different video types that a person or business can create. They fall into two main categories: Entertainment / Documentary and Industrial / Commerical. RF Media speciallizes in helping people connect with their target demographic using industrial / commerical video.

The primary video types in this category are Explainer, Testimonial and The Story.


Explainer videos give an overview of a product or service you offer.  They can cover anything you want a person know that can help them decide to do business with you. The subjects of explainers can vary, but they are primarliy marketing, Informational and Educational.

Explainer: Marketing

A marketing explainer can simply be a video version of your 30 second elevator speech.  It can be a commercial or an event promotion.

Explainer: Informational

An Informational Explainer video can feature a product or service description a comparision, application or unboxing video.

Explainer: Educational

A Educational Explainer can be a how-to or assembly video, a series of lectures or a training course.



In a testimonial a customer, or client talks about why they love doing business with you on video.

You can type a testimonial and put it on your website, but a person speaking in their own words about why they like you is almost as strong as a personal word of mouth endorsement from a friend.  It’s authentic. It’s powerful and its relatively easy to make.

They can be created in studio, or simply by using a phone.  


The Story

This type of video is very close to the documentary style. Grow the connection with your target demographic by telling your story. Your story is your differentiator, it helps people choose to do business with you. Your story could be something that happened recently. It could be why you chose to create your business. It could be a description of your overall passion.